Our achievements
Family friendly workplace
Most desirable employer
"Platinum" Sustainability Index
Member of "Mission Zero"
Employer open to diversity
Our key sustainability principles
Ensuring ethical, open and transparent corporate governance
Taking the best care of our employees and customers
Provision of sustainable services and circular solutions
Reduction of our direct impact on the environment
Our sustainability focus
Pursuit of climate neutrality through implementing the key principles of circular economy – in business and services
Care for employee well-being, offering safe and growth-oriented workplace
Building responsible society through environmental education
An industry leader in innovation, providing clients with access to services and digitazed processes
Our targets 2025
  • Increased amount of collected, recoverable and recyclable waste > 50% 
  • Group’s carbon footprint and handprint management system in place
  • Climate neutral business operations by 2050
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  • 75% of Group’s customers have access to digitized self-service solutions
  • Customer NPS>50
  • The number of customers educated on waste sorting and environmental services increased by 5% annually
  • Zero workplace accidents
  • High employee loyalty: voluntary turnover decreased by 3%
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  • Responsible supply chain, 100% of our partners committed and follow the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct
  • The Group has a sustainable procurement system in place
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Our commitments in action
Environment and circular economy
We measure, monitor, and mitigate our climate impact and introduce environment-friendly technological solutions. We promote circularity by creating new services and pursuing climate-neutral initiatives.
Accessible and innovative services
We invest in efficiency, modernization, IT solutions, and infrastructure development to improve our services and customer satisfaction.
Care for employees
Employees are our most valuable asset, representing our Group and the services we provide. We build an inclusive and growth-oriented workplace where everyone feels valued. Safety at work is our priority.
Responsible and transparent governance
We run open, ethical, transparent, and responsible business operations. The Group’s corporate governance model is designed, following best corporate governance practice.
Contribution to local community
Considering our role in society, we contribute to the local community annually by organizing and supporting a number of events and initiatives aimed at people’s well-being, innovation, and environmental protection.
Environmental education
Being aware of our role in pursuing the aims of the Green Deal, we provide environmental education and initiate change in the waste handling habits of the society- engaging both on individual and public level.