CleanR Grupa is governed in accordance with best practice of corporate governance, separating strategic and operational management.
Group’s corporate governance is carried out by the Shareholder, the Supervisory board, the Group’s Management board, and the Management boards of the Group companies.

Corporate governance model
Group`s Management Board
Management Boards of the Group companies
Clearly set roles, duties, responsibility
Industry representation
Membership in all the main industry associations and NGOs
  • Value
Sharing industry knowledge and experience, transfer of international experience and best practice, policy making and industry development initiatives.
Corporate governance principles
>50 000
>500 000
of the population of Latvia
  • Value
Initiative and leadership in raising awareness of environmental sustainability and building new habits in community—reducing consumption, waste prevention, recycling.
Sustainability & responsible entrepreneurship
100% Latvian capital
  • Value
The Group operates companies that are industry leaders, creating a sustainable economic impact on Latvia’s economy, environmental industry, and societal development.
Values & company culture
~1300 employees
46 mean age
57% women
43% men
  • Value
Job security, transparent tax policy, inclusive, non-discriminating, diverse workplace with opportunities for professional growth.
Quality processes
State institutions and municipalities
  • Value
Superior customer service, high-quality products and services. Innovative, tailor-made technological and digital solutions giving competitive edge.
Ethics & prevention of conflict of interest
Partners, suppliers
90% Latvian companies
10% EU partners
  • Value
Effective procurement governance, pursuit of sustainability.
Transparency & integrity
National economy and policy-makers
State and municipal agencies supervising environmental services industry
  • Value
Compliance with rules and regulations, 1300 jobs, annual tax bill of over EUR 10 million.
Corporate governance policies
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

The Code of Ethics determines the principles of professional ethics, the basic values of professional ethics that are most important for the operation and ethical behavior in a specific situation.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners
Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Group adheres to the principles of fair competition in its activities, providing high-quality and sustainable services. Therefore, it is important for us that our business partners and suppliers follow the same principles in their commercial activities.

Fair and Ethical Marketing Principles
Fair and Ethical Marketing Principles

Marketing principles contribute to the implementation of the Group’s mission: “We believe that when we take care of people, we care for the planet – and it works both ways”, which includes both involvement in the creation and development of a sustainable national environmental policy, as well as daily support and raising the awareness and education of society on issues, aimed at environmental protection, maintenance, care, sustainability and reduction of consumption.


Whistleblowing Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

CleanR Grupa operates a whistle-blowing system – “Hotline”.
In the “Hotline”, Group employees and external stakeholders can safely and confidentially report suspected or experienced violations. Hotline is designed and operates in such a way as to ensure the confidentiality of information and to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it.

Personnel Policy
Personnel Policy

Personnel Policy lays down the basic principles of sustainable personnel management, with an aim to implement joint, modern, efficient practice across the Group. This allows the Group to employ qualified, professional, and motivated employees who will help it to run efficient operations, and ensures observance of the labor rights of the Group’s employees, facilitates improvements on work organization, and fosters employee growth and loyalty.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Ethics determines the principles of professional ethics, the basic values of professional ethics that are most important for the operation and ethical behavior in a specific situation.