CleanR Grupa expands its board to accelerate business growth

21 Mar 2023

To step up CleanR Grupa’s further growth, the Group’s shareholders have appointed Juris Gulbis as the Chairman of the Management Board as of 21 March 2023. Gulbis will take responsibility of implementation of the Group’s new business model and scaling of its operations.

“CleanR Grupa started 2023 by listing its first bond issue on the Nasdaq Riga First North market and developing a new business model—now the Group comprises several independent companies operating in the waste and urban environment management sectors. To promote successful implementation of the new business model, more rapid growth, innovation of services, and scaling of operations, the Group has been joined by one of the leading high-ranking business managers in Latvia,” tells Guntars Kokorevičs, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Juris Gulbis is a manager with international experience in company transformation and development of innovative business models. He was a long-serving CEO of Tet, a technology and entertainment company, as well as Head of A.C.B. Grupa’s subsidiary companies ACBR and 8CBR. Before that, Gulbis worked for several different food processing and financial companies in Latvia and abroad. Juris Gulbis holds an honorary degree from Riga Technical University. He has also acquired an ACCA Certificate in Financial Management, as well as increased his entrepreneurial skills at INSEAD and Stanford University.

There are two other members on the Group’s Management board—Guntars Levics, who oversees the Group’s industrial and business development and governance, and Inta Liepa, who until now worked as SIA CleanR’s Head of Legal, and joined the Group’s Management board in July 2022.

AS CleanR Grupa operates the leading companies in Latvia in the environmental services sector, which provide waste management, premises, road and urban environment maintenance and house management services, looking after more than 50 thousand customers all over the country, thus serving half a million Latvian people daily. The company provides high-quality customer service and demonstrates leadership in the pursuit of suitability and climate neutrality goals.

The Group initiated structural changes already in 2021, which were finalized last year, paying special attention to the strengthening of the Group’s corporate governance model and introduction of sustainable solutions into the Group’s daily governance. Starting 2023, CleanR Grupa runs its key operations in two business directions—waste management and provision of environmental services.

For further information, please contact:

Zane Auziņa

Head of Public Relations at CleanR Grupa

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