CleanR Grupa continues investments in sustainability; will introduce ESG reporting

26 Oct 2022

To improve its corporate governance model, AS CleanR Grupa strengthens its pursuit of sustainability by introducing a new approach to sustainability reporting. By the end of this year, the Group is planning to present its sustainability strategy for the coming years, which in the long run will help the Group to better assess its environmental, economic, and social impact according to best international practice. To this end, this year the Group continues making strategic investments in devising and developing environmentally friendly solutions.

The new sustainability strategy will promote sustainable decision-making across the whole Group and help to integrate aspects of sustainability into the Group’s internal and external processes. CleanR Grupa’s sustainability strategy will be binding on all the Group’s companies—CleanR, a household waste management company, CleanR Verso, an industrial waste management company specialising in construction waste and recycled resources, Vizii, a cleaning company, and Vizii Urban, an urban environment management business.

Guntars Kokorevičs, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at CleanR Grupa: “As an industry leader, we are aware of our economic, social, and environmental impact. We want to manage it more strategically, striking the right balance between our business goals and the regulatory requirements of the European Union and best practice. We value our stakeholders’ opinion and expectations with respect to the advancement of the industry and the country, so we are currently improving the Group’s sustainability strategy, defining priority areas, attainable goals, and key performance indicators that will enable us to efficiently keep track of our progress.”

In line with our sustainability goals, the CleanR Grupa companies this year continue to develop by investing in modernization. Since 2021, the Group has invested over EUR 2.5 million in environmentally friendly vehicles. Investments in production efficiency and modernization, workplace infrastructure and corporate governance aspects amount to millions of euros, facilitating more efficient provision of services and improving customer satisfaction. That includes introduction of modern IT solutions that help to improve remote and self-service options.

Being aware and managing the Group’s impact is crucial to achieving its business goals. Therefore, parallel to impact-focused due diligence, the Group is committed to assessing, monitoring, and reducing its environmental impact in the long run, as well as introducing new environment-friendly solutions and supporting social and economic initiatives.

In 2023, CleanR Grupa will commence reporting on non-financial aspects, reflecting its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies. This will become an integral part of assessing the Group’s operations, ensuring transparency at all the Group’s companies.

To comply with the double materiality principle and develop an efficient sustainability strategy, CleanR Grupa collaborates with Sustinere, the leading Baltic and Scandinavian sustainability consulting firm, following best practice, the requirements of the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Regulation, and related standards.


About AS CleanR Grupa

AS CleanR Grupa, its subsidiary and associate companies, primarily work with environmental service management. AS CleanR Grupa’s shareholder is Guntars Kokorevičs. The concern comprises a total of 20 companies, of which CleanR, Vides resursu centrs, and Vizii currently produce the biggest net turnover volumes.


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