AS “CleanR Grupa” nurtures its corporate governance model and founds new companies

20 Oct 2022

To specify the service niches of the Group companies, to develop its wide range of environmental services, and to ensure more dynamic business development CleanR Group is nurturing its corporate governance model and founding a number of new companies.

AS “CleanR Grupa”, formerly known as “TAK Investīcijas”, is a group of leading companies in the environmental services sector in Latvia. Group’s companies provide daily services of waste management, premises cleaning, roads` and urban maintenance, as well as the realm of property management to over 50 thousand customers all over the country in total servicing more than half a million of population of Latvia.

In 2021, the Group embarked on structural changes by separating the premises cleaning function from SIA “CleanR” into a separate company, SIA “Vizii.” “Vizii” business activities are being expanded this year to include property management services in Riga, Jurmala, Tukums, Cesis, Sigulda and Jelgava. In 2022, the industrial waste management and urban maintenance sectors are also being divided into separate companies – these services were provided until now by “CleanR” SIA, but from January 2023, these functions will be provided by newly established companies that will take over the existing customer base and business experience in these areas.

From 2023, four independent companies will operate under the auspices of AS “CleanR Grupa”:

  • Latvia’s leading household waste management company: SIA “CleanR”;
  • the industrial waste management and recycled material sorting company SIA “CleanR Verso”;
  • the premises cleaning and property management company: SIA “Vizii”;
  • the urban maintenance company: SIA “Vizii Urban”.

The goal of the structural changes is to increase the pace of the different business niches and to develop corporate governance by leveraging years of experience. While remaining part of the group and sharing common development objectives, each of the four companies will continue to provide customers with a wide range of services efficiently, consisting not only of the specialised services of each company, but also of those of the other companies within the group.

“The separation of specialised functions into a separate company, which started last year, has shown that growth becomes dynamic and efficient with a concentrated administrative structure and a clear business focus. Similar results are expected from the newly established enterprises – we have grown “muscle”, experience, and leadership in those service segments. It is vital that, alongside business objectives, each individual company also focuses on corporate governance and sustainability, which is group`s overall priority,” says Guntars Kokorevičs, Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CleanR Grupa.

Bolstering CleanR Grupa’s corporate governance, Māris Mančinskis, the long-time CEO of Swedbank Latvia, also non-executive Board Member and investor in fuel and convenience retailer “KOOL”. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Agrolats Grupa”, Member of Executive Committee of the Latvian Olympic Committee, as well as Member of the Board of Directors of the Moldova commercial bank “Victoriabank” as a nominated director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The introduction of the new business and corporate governance model will conclude on 1 January 2023. Until then, SIA “CleanR” will continue to fully provide its clients with environmental services according to the procedures and to the extent it has done so to date.

About AS “CleanR Grupa”

The main operating types of AS “CleanR Grupa”, its subsidiaries and associated companies are environmental services and long-term financial investment management. AS “CleanR Grupa’s” shareholder is Guntars Kokorevičs. The holding company is comprised of 20 companies among which SIA “CleanR”, SIA “Vides resursu centrs” and SIA “Vizii” have the biggest net turnover to date.

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