Latvia’s most powerful material recovery facility revamped with injection of EUR 1.2 million

02 Jan 2023

On 31 January 2023, SIA CleanR Verso, an industrial waste management company of AS CleanR Grupa, opened its modernized material recovery facility, which, after an injection of 1.2 million euros, has doubled its production capacity and increased the amount of certain sorted materials more than 20 times.

The cash injection to modernize the facility was made at the end of last year according to CleanR Grupa’s strategic aims, which envisage investments in environment-friendly solutions and modernization of the production process. Following the revamp, the sorting capacity of the material recovery facility has been doubled. The key emphasis was put on equipment automation to streamline human resources planning.

Guntars Levics, Member of the Board at CleanR Grupa: “In 2022, the amount of sorted waste or recoverable materials received at our material recovery plant significantly increased. With new binding rules of the Riga City Council imposing waste sorting on the capital’s blocks of flats and trading sites coming into force, the amount of sorted waste received at our facility increased by more than 30%. To ensure recovery of the received waste, we had to substantially increase the facility’s capacity, which has now been achieved by the implemented modernization process.”

Guntars Levics points out that simultaneously with the increase in recyclable or sorted waste, in 2022 we saw a decline in the amount of unsorted domestic waste. We may expect that as the charges for the management of unsorted household waste continue to rise, which is part of the public environmental policy to purse Latvia’s and the EU’s Green Deal aims, the amount of sorted waste and recoverable materials will continue to rise as well. CleanR Grupa continues to invest in production units to both ensure recovery of sorted materials and recycle them into new products. To this end, we are giving a test run to the new CleanR Grupa plastic recycling plant.”

On 31 January, the material recovery facility also hosted a stock exchange bell ringing ceremony, with which the CleanR Grupa bonds were listed on the Nasdaq First North market. Our business partners attending the event had a chance to go on a tour of the plant. The modernized facility embodies the Group’s strategic aims—investment in development, modernization, and sustainability, thus reducing the impact the Group’s companies have on the environment, economy, and society according to best international practice.

About AS CleanR Grupa

AS CleanR Grupa operates the leading companies in Latvia in the environmental services sector, which provide waste management, premises, road and urban environment maintenance and house management services, looking after more than 50 thousand customers all over the country, thus serving half a million Latvian people daily.

AS CleanR Grupa includes SIA CleanR, a household waste management company, SIA CleanR Verso, an industrial waste management company, SIA Vizii, a cleaning company, and SIA Vizii Urban, an urban environment management business. AS CleanR Grupa, its subsidiary and associate companies, primarily work in environmental services management.


About SIA CleanR Verso

SIA CleanR Verso is a subsidiary company of AS CleanR Grupa, which manages industrial waste and recycles construction waste into new materials. The company’s construction waste recovery and recycling facility Nomales has been praised by Latvian environmental experts as the country’s most modern plant directed toward the implementation of the principles of the circular economy.

CleanR Verso carries out the management of recyclable packaging—paper, plastic, metal—at its most cutting-edge material recovery plant in the country.

CleanR Verso was set up as an independent business in 2023, yet the Group has extensive experience in the respective business line.


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Head of Public Relations at CleanR Grupa


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