Competition Council clears the acquisition of SIA Rīgas tilti by CleanR Grupa’s subsidiary Vizii Urban

12 Dec 2023

Vizii Urban, a CleanR Grupa subsidiary specializing in urban services, has received permission from the Competition Council of the Republic of Latvia to acquire a majority stake in SIA Rīgas tilti.

 Vizii Urban’s goal is to expand its operations and add certain specialized urban services to its portfolio.  That will allow the company to expand its area of operation and raise quality standards.

Therefore, the company decided to acquire Rīgas tilti. The deal had to be reviewed by the Competition Council, which cleared the acquisition on 7 December this year.

In its decision, the Competition Council concluded that Vizii Urban and Rīgas tilti have separate areas of competence and specialization—Vizi Urban offers daily maintenance services of urban territories, streets, roads, and urban spaces all around Latvia, whereas Rīgas tilti specializes in the construction and maintenance (road works) of bridges, overpasses, and other road infrastructure, as well as in the clean-up of specialized road infrastructure.  Thus, the areas of operation of both companies do not overlap.

Following the Competition Council’s decision, both companies continue negotiating the conclusion of the deal.

About Vizii Urban

Vizii Urban is an urban environment maintenance firm with over 20 years of experience and wide geographic presence in Latvia, providing its services in the cities of Liepāja, Jūrmala, Rēzekne, Bauska, Siguda, and elsewhere. Vizii Urban’s services include the cleaning and maintenance of a city’s public spaces, streets, sidewalks both in summer and winter, as well as planting of greenery and maintaining beaches. Vizii Urban is part of CleanR Grupa, the leading environmental services concern in Latvia.

 For further information, contact:
Zane Plone
Head of Public Relations at CleanR Grupa
M: +371 28 627 003
E: [email protected]

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