CleanR Grupa joins Mission Zero

02 Nov 2022

As the European Week for Health and Safety at Work draws to a close, AS CleanR Grupa joins Mission Zero, a social initiative launched in spring this year with an aim to substantially decrease workplace accidents by uniting employers, companies, and institutions which care for employee health and safety.  

By agreeing to implement and follow entrepreneurial principles that put an individual, their health and safety at the focal centre, the participants of the initiative seek to build a network of experts by sharing experience and best practice.

The mission of CleanR Grupa is to take care of the planet while taking care of its people. “By joining the Mission Zero initiative, we wish to emphasize that the person we take care of is also our employee. Workplace safety is one of our key values and priorities. A safe workplace can be achieved by working closely together so that each and every of our employees returns home from work safe and sound,” stresses Inta Liepa, Member of the Management Board at CleanR Grupa.

CleanR Grupa manages the leading environmental services companies in Latvia and gives work to more than 1300 people daily.  The Group’s companies operate in the waste management industry, premises, roads, and urban environment maintenance, as well as property management, taking care of over 50 thousand clients daily thus serving around half a million Latvian people every day.

The Group increases its investments in work safety and workplace ergonomics every year. In collaboration with the Latvian Ergonomics Society, the Group conducted and ergonomic risks audit at nine different workspaces and operating areas of the Group’s companies and has started implementing the necessary improvements. Workspaces are being made increasingly friendly to people with disabilities; also, there is now a separate room dedicated to delivering first aid.   This year, the team of work safety officers conducting regular room and territory inspections, risk identification and prevention has expanded. In the future, every person employed by the Group will be asked to take an active part in the workplace safety risk mitigation.

The participants of the Mission Zero initiative have agreed on a common goal—to make health and safety at work their top priority thus reducing workplace fatalities, seeking to achieve zero workplace accidents, and introducing preventative measures to safeguard employee health and safety.

The initiative’s long-term goal is to grow into a platform that unites employers giving work to at least 50% or 400 thousand people in Latvia. The initiative seeks to become a platform and expert network assisting its members in tackling workplace safety and health-related challenges.


About AS CleanR Grupa

AS CleanR Grupa includes SIA CleanR, a household waste management company, SIA CleanR Verso, an industrial waste management company specialising in construction waste and recycled resources, SIA Vizii, a cleaning company, and SIA Vizii Urban, an urban environment management business. AS CleanR Grupa, its subsidiary and associate companies, primarily work in environmental service management. AS CleanR Grupa’s shareholder is Guntars Kokorevičs. The concern comprises a total of 20 companies, of which CleanR, Vides resursu centrs, and Vizii currently produce the biggest net turnover volumes.

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