CleanR Grupa expands its urban maintenance business by acquiring Cēsis-based company KOM-AUTO

27 Apr 2023

SIA Vizii Urban, a CleanR Grupa subsidiary company, has acquired the street cleaning company SIA KOM-AUTO operating in the town of Cēsis, Latvia. By concluding this deal, the newly acquired company will expand Vizii Urban’s presence in the Vidzeme region. The deal envisages changes only in the KOM-AUTO ownership structure, without affecting the company’s management team, employees, or the range of services.   At the same time, it allows the firm which has been looking after the streets of Cēsis for a long time to pursue its ambitions to expand its operations beyond the town of Cēsis and in the Vidzeme region.   

Juris Gulbis, Chairman of the Board of CleanR Grupa: “To step up the provision of services and boost more rapid business growth, the Group already last year set up independent businesses to take care of some of its specialized services—thus, since this year, Vizii Urban, the Group’s subsidiary company, is in charge of the Group’s urban cleaning and maintenance services.  By acquiring the Cēsis-based street cleaning firm KOM-AUTO, Vizii Urban expands its presence in Latvia, now offering its services in the Vidzeme region.  The deal was facilitated by the diversification of the Group’s funding sources, listing its bonds on the Nasdaq First North market at the end of last year.”

By joining the leading environmental services group in Latvia, KOM-AUTO seeks to expand its scale of service provision.

Jānis Grūbe, Member of the Board at KOM-AUTO: “We have been a reliable partner to the town of Cēsis for a long time, taking care of the town’s streets and public spaces. By becoming part of Vizii Urban, a CleanR Grupa subsidiary company, we seek to expand geographically by offering our services in the Cēsis municipality and the Vidzeme region. We believe that by becoming part of a company that is oriented to providing modern, innovative, and green urban maintenance solutions, we will make a positive effect on the services provided by KOM-AUTO.”

About AS CleanR Grupa

CleanR Grupa, its subsidiary and affiliated companies, primarily provide environmental services. The Group’s companies provide over 40 different services in the areas of municipal and industrial waste management, sorting and recycling of recovered materials, as well as premises and property management.   The shareholder of CleanR Grupa is Guntars Kokorevičs. The concern includes a total of 20 companies, with SIA CleanR, SIA Vides resursu centrs, and SIA Vizii producing the largest net turnover to date.

About SIA Vizii Urban

Vizii Urban is an urban environment maintenance firm with over 20 years of experience and wide geographic presence in Latvia, providing its services in the cities of Liepāja, Jūrmala, Rēzekne, and elsewhere. Vizii Urban’s services include the cleaning and maintenance of a city’s public spaces, streets, sidewalks both in summer and winter, as well as planting of greenery and maintaining beaches. Vizii Urban is part of CleanR Grupa, the leading environmental services concern in Latvia.


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