“CleanR Grupa” balances the government structure at the company “Zaļā josta”

26 Feb 2024

For the balanced and structured corporate governance of extended producer responsibility system provider “Zaļā josta”, JSC “CleanR Grupa” has sold 15% of its capital shares in “Zaļā josta” to JSC “BAO”, the other shareholder of the company.

The transaction took place in order to balance the participation of the two companies in the management of  “Zaļā josta”. “CleanR Grupa” still holds the majority stake with a 55% capital share, while JSC “BAO” has a total of 45% capital share.

Zaļā josta is an EPR system provider which takes care of packaging waste, environmentally hazardous goods, electric and electronic appliances, providing companies with an opportunity to obtain a 100% Natural Resource Tax exemption and making sure that the waste generated by their economic activity is collected and recycled.

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